With the continuous improvement of living standards, the pace of global infrastructure construction has gradually accelerated in recent years. Over the past few decades, China has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the fields of housing construction, roads, bridges, airports and railways. Among them, welding engineering is a very important part of construction site. The processing of a large number of profiles, plates and steel bars is inseparable from welding. Among them, a very important module in steel bar docking technology is electroslag pressure welding.

The application of vertical steel bar electroslag force welding technology has replaced the original method of lap bonding and manual electric isolation welding. The application of this technology can guarantee the construction quality, reduce the project cost, speed up the project progress, and reduce the workers. Therefore, the vertical steel bar electroslag force welding has a good effect of labor intensity under the current large-scale adoption of engineering construction, and the process operation is simple and easy grasp.

Electroslag pressure welding is a method of melting the flux by using the electric sol formed between the ends of the welded steel bars to obtain a high-temperature molten slag of more than 2000 degrees. Detailed process: Connect the circuit to produce electric and then the surrounding flux and steel bar ends quickly melt to form a slag pool. The temperature of the electric slag pool is about 1500-2000 degrees. When the ends of the upper and lower steel bars melt to a certain procedure, the nearby steel bars also reach a thermoplastic state. At this time, the handle is turned immediately to make the upper bars suddenly fall, and all the molten slag and liquid metal are squeezed out of the slag pool, forming a convex light Welded joint.

After years of hard work, punair is very popular in the welding field in China. When you visit the construction site, you can easily see the punair welding and cutting machines in the steel processing shed.This year,our welding machines are used for the construction of Huoshensan hospital instance-an emergency specialty field hospitalconstructed from 23 January 2020 to 2 February 2020 in response to the 2019-20 coronavirus pamdemic-as a contribution to our epidemic prevention.Generally speaking,it plays an important role in improving engineering efficiency, ensuring construction period, and quality control.The qulity and core concept has won us waves of praise and customers.

Automated intelligent production line

Extensive use of steel bar processing sheds on construction site

Supportting the construction of Shenzhen ‘Xiaotangshan Hospital’for coronavirus treatment

Schematic diagram 1 of electroslag pressure welding 1-upper bar; 2-flux box; 3-lower bar; 4-welding head; 5-welding tongs; 6-welding power supply; 7-control box

Lever type single column welding head of electroslag pressure welding 1- Rebar; 2- Flux box; 3- Single guide post; 4- Fixed chuck; 5- Movable chuck; 6- Handle;7-monitoring instrument; 8-operation handle; 9-switch; 10-control cable; 11-cable socket

Screw-drive double-column welding head of electroslag pressure welding 1-Bevel gear box; 2-handle; 3-elevating screw; 4-clamping device; 5-upper chuck; 6-catheter; 7-double guide post; 8-lower chuck; 9-operation box


★ Power supply voltage: 380V

★ Digital control, VRD anti-electric shock function

★ Small body, portable, dual IGBT modules

★ Butt welding of steel bars: Φ32 and below steel bars

★ Manual welding: Long welding electrode 6.0 and below

An application of Punair electroslag pressure welding on construction spot

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