At the beginning of the work, electronic products provide additional current pulses, which help ignite the arc which is called Hot Strat function. If the electrode is too close to the details, the Arc Force function increases the welding current and prevents sticking.During the viscous process, the current decreases or closes, but the possibility of "adhesion" of electrodes (AntiStick function) is not included.Also,to ensure the safety of welder,VRD is added with concerned!

Hot start: The function of hot start is to add a certain amount of current on the basis of welding current at the moment ofarcstarting, so as to prevent welding rod from sticking and improve the success rate of arcstarting. Like Arc force, the welding machine with small current output usually has a fixed thermal arc current. The thermal arc current of the welding machine below 300A is about 30-50A, and that of 315A and 400A is about 70-80A. Welding machine with high rated output current has the function of adjusting hot start current.

VRD function: VRD is an antishock device, which makes the output voltage of the welding machine very low (within the safe voltage) when no load, and returns to normal when welding. When the noload voltage is very low (about a dozen volts) and the welding can work normally, we can say the VRD is controlled. The VRD function can be selected by the VRD switch on the panel.

ARC FORCE: ARC FORCE is when the electrode and the workpiece are about to stick together (that is, the arc distance is very short, the arc voltage changes very small), the welding current will automatically increase, so that the welding rod melts, rather than sticking to the workpiece, affecting the welding process and welding quality. Another function of ARC FORCE is to reduce arc voltage and increase welding current, thus ensuring constant output power. For welders with lower rated output current, a fixed ARC FORCE is usually added to the circuit, while some welders with higher rated output current can adjust the thrust current on the panel.

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