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Shenzhen Punair Technology Co, Itd is a national high-tech enterprise in China. The company specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing functions of the inverter welding & cutting machines. Punair’s Vision is to become the world-class supplier of welding&cutting industry while Punair’s Mission is to create, develop and contribute to this industrial market all over the world.

Punair is located in Chinese First Tier City - Shenzhen which delivers a very convenient transportation network access to the world and shares the border with the international famous metropolis - Hong Kong.

The company has expanded its advanced manufacturing facilities to 15,000 square meters in which there serves several mechanized production lines and sufficient sophisticated equipments and devices.

By passing the certification requirements of the ISO9001:2000, the company has well developed full ranges of products which have been certified with the CE, CCC, CSA, SAA certificates by the corresponding authorities.

”Quality&Innovation Make PUNAIR Standing Out of the World” is our core concept. With this underpinning, Punair is striding on the broaden road to pour its continuous contribution in the technology and market as well as to become one of world-class manufacturing suppliers in the welding&cutting industry.

  • P series, T series Intelligent, Digitalized and LED Display Products Have Historically Detonated their Demand over the Domestic and Foreign Welding and Cutting Industry Markets;and It Not Only Has Substantially Promoted the Development of Inverter Welding Machines but also Has Made Significant Contributions to the Development of National Industry.
  • Grandly Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Punair, Together with the Whole Punair’s Ecosystem Entities and Relevant Community,Hailing its Slogan of "Gather together, Dream Forward" & Shinning its Core Value of "Inclusive, Perseverant, and Grateful"!
  • Historically Innovated and Forged out the Intelligent, Digitalized and LED Display Brand-new Products, and Grandly Launched into the Global Market.
  • In Great Glory, Won the 4th "Blue Dot Award" of Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the Title of "Pioneer Growth Enterprise"
  • Plunged into New Era of MIG/MAG, and Led to a New Trend of Innovation and Invention of the Industry. Vigorously Increased Investments and Introduced a Fully Automated Advanced SMT Production Line, Which Indicated that the Company Has the Comprehensive Ability to Design, Manufacture and Produce Sophisticated Digital Technology Products.
  • Sales Turnover Hit Record High in the industry, Marking Punair Has Become a Leading Brand in Certain Field of Market segmentation in the Industry.
  • In the Direction of Achieving the Mechanization and Automation of Production, Get Started on the Transformation and Upgrade of the Production and Manufacturing System,   Heavily Invested in the Advanced Production Equipment to Build an Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Enterprise.
  • Invented a Product Innovative Development Direction of Integrating Digital Technology and Advanced Welding Technology, and Created the Product Development Model Featuring with Technology Modulization and Product Standardization, Which Enabled Punair to Generate the Integrated Comparative Competitive Advantage Over the Industry.
  • Instituted and Set Multi-brand Strategy as the Cornerstone of Company Development Strategies, Which Is the Right Short-cut of Imprinting Punair Brand’s Image into Users’ Minds, and Gradually Forged Punair and Taylai Brands the High-quality Brands Over the Markets.
  • The Company Won the Honorary Title of "National High-tech Enterprise", Authoritatively Marked Punair’s Competence and Certified it a Qualified Status and ID of a National High-tech Enterprise.
  • The Global Launch of the Punair New VI for the Company and the Brand, Together with Brand New Product Outlook, Signalled that Punair Has Raised Up as a New Brand Pioneer in the Industry.
  • The Historical Invention of the Smallest 5KG MIG /MAG Welding Machine Denotes that Punair Is a Product Innovator in the Industry.
  • Innovation of Spirit Breaks Through, and Inverter Welding IGBT Technology C Platform Is Invented, which Has Highly Added a Brilliant Shinning to the Development of Technological Innovation in the Industry.
  • Founded in Shenzhen, China. Great Vision Plants in Our Hearts, Great Power Rises from United Team, Great Journey Sets  Sail
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Sales Network
Excellence is about the team who realizes the most peculiar plans into amazing constructions around us. Throughout years’ struggles and endeavour, we have successfully equipped and enriched the world with the best welding equipments to impact customers’ business across life while we established a global sales network and built hundreds of strategic partnerships with more than 100 countries, from Norway to Argentina, from the United States to Algeria. You can always find PUNAIR welders on the construction sites or in the garages of the local people. Driven by our core values, we have always been making continuous efforts and development to provide a satisfactory answer to the welding industry of the global market.
Vision & Mission

Punair’s Vision Is to Become the World-class Supplier of Welding & Cutting Industry.
Punair’s Mission Is to Create, Develop and Contribute to the Global Market.

Quality&Innovation Make PUNAIR Standing Out of the World.

Employees, customers and industry are our power sources, our value is to keep contributing to the employees, customers and industry throughout our continuous development.
Outstanding Quality, Worldwide Punair
Punair Welder, Reliable Partner
Punair highly values ecological and environmental protection. Guided by the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, we advocates harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and sticks to the path of green and sustainable development.
Since inception, on the base of operating in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we aspire to achieve the highest business ethics and environmental standards in our cause to become a world-class welding solutions provider as well as an environmental helper.
While fulfilling our environmental duties during production, we also carry out many environmental education for the employees to cultivate the protection concepts, and continue to donate and participate in many welfare activities.